Sunday, November 17, 2013

The only times Noah is quiet these days...

Yesterday afternoon was a throwback to the days when the boys would have a nap on the sofa and when I might just close my eyes to join them.  The best word to describe Noah right now is "cheeky" - he is just really working out how far he can push the limits and is very interested in getting his own way.  Examples from last week include vehemently wanting ice cream for breakfast to the tune of a 20-minute tantrum, and wanting waffles for dinner.  Waffles for dinner sounds fine, actually, but it was the way in which he was asking for them that was excruciatingly painful.

Yesterday, however, after being a little rascal for most of the morning and early afternoon, he finally fell asleep on my lap.  I was grateful for the peace and quiet and for the chance to enjoy him without all his rebel yelling. 

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