Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Throwback Tuesday

Check out this dumpling, right about 3 years ago...almost too hard for me to believe! 
I would be more nostalgic if I weren't in a race against time to create a photobook - one that is basically nearly 3 years overdue in its creation. For Blake I created a lovely little square photobook of his first year, made just after his first birthday.  For Noah,'s been on my to-do list.  Thanks to the clever sales techniques of Photobox, I paid already for credits (at a big discount) to do Noah's book, but I had a month to create it.  The month runs out soon so I've been hard at work reviewing the best photos from Noah's first year.  He looks so different at so many stages - sometimes with a teeny head, mostly with a chubby face and often with Blake right nearby.  That's the wonderful thing about photos - they really can transport you right back to the moment.  Even if most of my moments back then involved really tired eyes and skin and generally bad hair! Here he is this weekend after borrowing his friend Flora's witch costume.  He has always had a joker side!

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