Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Is there any better feeling...?

...than finally hitting "order" on some photo project, either book or calendar?!  Such relief to be done with that activity, at least for another 2 months until my next round of Photobox credits expire just as Christmas approaches!

It's half term here, which should be relaxing but kind of feels just the opposite.  I had Monday off work, was working today, am off work tomorrow, am back in work on Thursday, and am off on Friday.  If you read that sentence again, you can commit it to memory as how NOT to plan a week using what limited vacation time you have left in the year if you want to feel at all like you're having a rest.  It's very stop-start on every front.  And, of course, Halloween is two days away.  I can't even go there right now...in fact the only place I feel that I desperately need to go is bed!

Pretty leaves and sweet boys

Starting the Halloween prep over the weekend

Sunday night in the kitchen...cooking up good times!

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