Monday, October 07, 2013

Another one about the library

Someone forwarded me this and I was blown away - the writer is NINE!  Amazing...

Today I went to pick up some books from the library that I had reserved online - it was like hitting the reservation jackpot.  Our pitiful library carries on in its temporary location, 2 years after numbskulls stole all the copper off the roof and therefore rendered it un-usable.  The library where we can currently go is really the "old library", while the neighbourhood awaits with hope the renovation of the "new library" by the backers of an arthouse cinema chain.  Now that really would be the ultimate!   

Here's what I'll be reading next...most of which were recommended during my recent creative writing workshop.  These join the stack of about 15 fiction and non-fiction recommendations on my bookshelf....too many books, too little time!

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