Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall shadows

I've always been a fan of shadows, particularly at this time of year when the late afternoon sun casts such long - almost sometimes comedy style - shadows on the pavements.  The warm sun on my back is always such a nice feeling; only thinking about it now did I really realize that in order to get the shadow, there'd have to be the warmth that goes with it.

Today the boys and I enjoyed a walk out after school and nursery, and they had a great time whizzing up and around the ramp in front of the local church on their wheely vehicles. 
I love the action in Blake's shadow in this one!

Noah's just having a ball...
My way of being in the memory

When school started a few weeks ago, I had that feeling that I often have at that time of year, in those first weeks of September with the long summer days starting to get shorter, which is that I don't really like fall as a season.  Then the weather got a bit warmer and I had a thought - one that I had never had before - that autumn was actually a season to be liked, as it was a kind and gentle way of Mother Nature easing us into the cold and dark of winter.  Could you imagine how harsh life would be if we went straight from summer to winter?!

So, shadows, thank you for being there.  Today, for me, they meant late afternoon sunshine,  the chance to appreciate the contrast of color and darkness, and an opportunity to enjoy and observe a Monday afternoon with the boys. 
Here's another incredible set of shadows at work (or at play?!); I find this so beautiful!

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