Monday, March 11, 2013

Has anyone seen Spring?

Sooner or later, when you're in the sort of gluttonous, couldn't care less relationship that I am in with all foodstuffs that are bad for me (chocolate, toast with butter and jam, mini M&Ms leftover from Christmas, imported Snickers Almond smuggled from the US since you can't buy them in the UK, strawberry PopTarts bought for the ramp of the monster truck cake), I was bound to ask THE question.  No, not that one!  (Am I pregnant?!) Definitely not that one!  But...I wonder if I have a tapeworm?  The answer is, of course not!  But it always seems a semi-logical thing to wonder about when you get to the point where you think, I'm probably taking it a bit too far now in terms of my utter lack of dietary discretion. 

Here's the deal.  Today is March 11; the location is London.  Daffodils are everywhere, and the late afternoons resemble less the middle of night as they do in January.  Surely spring is here?!  Surely not, Mother Nature replies with an evil cackle! Today we had temperatures of minus something (still can't figure out Celsius) and snow.  It was absolutely freezing!  The wind is rattling the trees outside, the drafts are creeping all around the house, I have a fleece and a scarf on inside, and I think those extra few mini M&Ms I just had might give me that little boost of energy I need to make it through the evening. 

Life continues on at the pace that leaves me simultaneously praying that the weekend will come quickly, and then immediately asking the question on Monday morning - Wait, is it over already?  I feel like a lot has happened that I haven't reported on...I'm going to work on that.  But for now, I might just have to have a small cup of hot chocolate and tighten my scarf a little tighter.  Spring isn't here just yet, and once it gets a bit warmer, I've got an exercise routine to get back on and a few wintery pounds to shed.  Wonder what other Christmas candy I have left over....

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