Wednesday, December 12, 2012

3 feet high and rising

As it always seems to do at about the second Wednesday of December, Christmas is coming quickly! And no, I am not at all ready!

We got our tree over the weekend, a very small one just to put something up, but holding out for the bigger one in Hickory.  We went to the local garden center where even the 3-foot tree cost £28...the encouraging words I was giving to the boys about how perfect the 3-foot size was were pretty convincing, fortunately.  They didn't let me put it n the trunk and insisted on having it ride between them in the car. Funny boys....

They got so excited about decorating it, and in fact, at some point late on Sunday I realized I hadn't actually hung up a single ornament - I think Blake just sort of set to work and recruited Noah to help where he could. The results are not too bad!

Christmas Tree

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