Monday, November 26, 2012

Nyquil wrote our weekend's script

Ugh - I wonder if I should have had a flu shot?!  Last year I had a flu shot for, I think, the first time ever - and I got one of the worst colds I'd ever had that I vowed not to have the shot again.  These past couple of weeks we have all been under the weather, with the boys being off a few days last week and then not shaking it into the weekend, just in time for me to start having sniffles.  On Friday night, Noah had one of those nights that reminded me of when they were really little and would wake in the night and be unconsolable - we weren't sure if Friday was due to teething, a sinus problem or an earache, or just generally being miserable and unable to sleep.  With the way he would arch his back and roar, though, I felt as if we were sleeping with a very young, and not so green, version of the Incredible Hulk.  He seemed to not remember it the following morning, though, and couldn't really say what had been bothering him. I think it was probably sinus pain or teething.

Today I had an idea for a new app for the iPad: "Grandparent Control", where a grandparent could monitor from a distance how long his/her grandchild had been watching the iPad and shut the iPad down remotely once an acceptable limit had been exceeded (you can make your own conclusions about why I'd had the idea!). But, I felt fortunate that we didn't have any plans this weekend, meaning that sitting at home nursing our colds seemed like an ok use of our time. 

Today Blake and Matt managed to get to the park, while Noah and I hung out and he got a bit of toast in bed.  I then decided that I was up for a trip to the library since I'm suffering from a lack of reading material, and Blake and I headed off to the Clapham library, where we managed to have a nice time reading and then wrapping up our trip at Starbucks.  He is pretty into his reading, and I am quickly catching on to the world of phonics!  The book he loved discovering today, though, was Where's Wally? (I think the British version must be Wally instead of Waldo) and we spent so much time searching out the characters in the scenes.

All in all, I hope everyone feels a bit better tomorrow and that we can have a normal or close-to-normal week.  What do you do when you or your family is sick to pass the time?

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