Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Election time

It seems there is only one thing that will keep me up through the night and my 5 hour difference to primetime...and that's the UNC Tarheels playing in March Madness.  I think I'm going to turn in before getting sucked into the election results.

I did vote today, and here's a picture of my polling station:

I hope they got my email at Boston City Hall!

By all accounts, this will be one of the closest elections ever, and if I close my eyes I can almost remember being in the Back Bay apartment I shared with Cindy in 2000 when we woke up to find that there hadn't been a winner declared, and so began the year that the election was won by a guy named Chad, if I remember correctly.  I do feel sorry for all the people in NY and NJ who are having to deal with voting amidst trying to figure out staying warm, finding shelter, and repairing the damage of Sandy.

It also seems from afar that surely the US needs to look at the whole electoral college process; the thought of splitting the popular vote and the electoral college vote seems crazy to me.

I found, in the closet in Blake and Noah's room this weekend, a little navy blue Democrat onesie that Blake wore during election season in 2008. I thought I'd done a post that had some pictures of him in it, but I can't seem to find it.  It's 18 month size, so too small for Noah to squeeze into.

As for us, and the way we celebrate the beginning of November here, we headed off last night to the fireworks display at nearby Crystal Palace park.  Blake loved them, but Noah was not so keen - it is a bit loud and scary for that age, but I still think he kind of liked him.  "Too loud" with a scrunched up face, was how he reported the experience to his nursery teachers today.  I'm sure next year he'll love them...

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