Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tales from Day 2

I don't know how you're feeling, but lord, I'm ready for the weekend! Feeling pretty drained last night as we went to bed, today started off at the ungodly hour of 5:47am. Yes, that is 13 minutes before what I would have once considered an obscenely early time to have to wake up. I don't know what it is about my kids that means that they are literally wide awake from the moment they open their eyes; they definitely do not seem to have inherited their mother's love of the snooze button.

This morning was always going to be emotional without my feeling like a still-forming butterfly who'd been ripped from the safety and comfort of my cocoon (now that autumn is creeping in, the mornings are so chilly and so dark...perfect for sleeping til at least 6:30!). It was Day 2 of school and Mom and Dad were also heading back to the US after their 4-week stay. That is a lot of mornings covering the Cheerios duty with the boys, let me tell you, not to mention taking and picking them up from nursery, doing lots of playing, reading and entertaining, and generally being kind of like the 2 extra sets of hands one wishes one had on a daily basis (but usually that wish is just a pipe dream). They were those hands!

I actually woke up today not entirely worried about Blake, but instead spreading the guilt over to whether or not we'd been paying Noah enough attention amidst all the hecticness of yesterday. So I vowed that today I would be sure to pay Noah more attention (can you say, backfire?!). Blake put on his uniform pretty willingly, so that was encouraging. We had some men from some outfit called the Handy Squad come to put together a piece of furniture (they arrived just before 8:00 - good thing we'd been up for over 2 hours!). We were getting ready to go and I decided that maybe Noah would benefit from seeing Blake's school, since yesterday Mom reported that on the way to nursery Noah kept asking, "Where's Blakey go?". Aw...that sweet little No-No. Anyway, we got Blake and Noah out the door - Noah strapped in his stroller along for a joyride - and then Blake's friends Charlie and Jemima came to meet him in front of the house. Mom ought to be hired by the French paparazzi who follow the Royals based on how many photos she took of those three in their uniforms! In the meantime, Mom and Dad's taxi arrived to take them to the airport, and in all the chaos of the goodbye hugs, I would not be surprised if one of the Handy Squad guys got a hug - although I'm not sure if I hugged Mom and Dad or if they got to say goodbye to the boys properly since we were by this point headed off down the street to get to school on time. Blake seems to have heard the phrase "man up" at some point in his tv journeys (possibly a cooking show ultimatum line or something?!) and I think one of Mom's parting lines to him was to encourage him in a very cheerful way to "man up" when he got to school. Ha ha.

The walk to school was fine, and when we arrived, Noah had a right happy nose around Blake's classroom - he seemed to love it! Unfortunately, when it came time for us to go, Blake reverted to his freaky doll "Mama, Mama" whimper which then developed into high decibel screaming and crying. Today was actually much worse than yesterday as I had to hand him over to the teaching assistant with him gripping my shirt and wailing at full volume. A few mothers had given me encouraging smiles and one grandmother came over and told me all about how her daughter (one of Blake's classmate's mothers) had cried for 6 months when she started school, and how the mother was told by a teacher what a good student the daugter was and all the mother could think about was the fact that she cried every day when she left her. I am sure this was meant to give me hope, but it fell a little short of the mark. Did I mention that the school is a former Jewish orphanage? I didn't make the connection til this evening, but I did wonder if there was some replaying of history. I'll be back this afternoon, I kept telling him!

As I've said, I know Blake is going to be fine, but I did almost cry as my friend Jenny tried to cheer me up. I didn't though, but my own tears were right there at the surface. It's just such a helpless feeling, not really being able to do anything that would improve the situation; as of yet I haven't started to make any real bribes about post-school treats, but that may be coming soon.

Then it was over to nursery, where Noah was none too thrilled about being left either, but I managed to get out of there with only a few tears from him. He adores Blake so much, and I think he will miss having him around at nursery. Maybe I could find a pull-string doll that says, "Mama...Mama" and that will remind him of Blake....

After that, I went and logged on for a half day of work - out of the oven and into the frying pan - is that the phrase? Speaking of which, what was I going to give anyone for dinner...?!

By 2:00 it was time to go get there was an afternoon drop-in session where we could sit in the class and observe what was going on. He was fine and we had a nice time looking at a lot of the toys and activities in his classroom. I then went and gave Blake 3 forms of chocolate - a chocolate croissant on the walk home, a hot chocolate at Cafe Rouge, and a chocolate spider from the Cook frozen food shop. Noah was thrilled to see us when we picked him up, and I guess the only downside at this point is that I feel a bit in need of about 24 hours' solid sleep - and surprise, surprise, I don't see that any time in my future. Though, 7 hours would be pretty darn good, so I bid you good night!


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