Monday, September 24, 2012

Old pros now

Of course I knew this, but what a difference a few days can make...!

It's Monday night, and I have nothing dramatic to report from this morning's school run. Blake and I dropped Noah off and though there were tears from Noah at being left, I think they are just tears of indignation that Blake is getting to do something new and different, and Noah isn't. We then carried on in the pouring rain up to Blake's school, where he went in pretty dutifully, and I scuttled off before he could start crying or getting distressed. All pretty straightforward! But that's probably not as entertaining to read about as all the agony of last week!

We had a good weekend, and man, by Friday night, I sure was ready for it. Either Thursday or Friday - I can't remember now - I ended up just falling asleep in my clothes, such was my tired state. I think it was Friday, because I am pretty sure I had elaborate plans to go out to the store after the boys had fallen asleep in order to get ingredients for carrot cake that I needed to make for a church fair on Saturday (this is more like it, I can hear some of you thinking.....late night baking, procrastinating, getting too involved in a church activity....). Anyway, as it turns out, most of my pans were still in our storage unit that we'd rented while we were doing our work, so I decided not to torture myself with a late-night grocery store run (and actually, I don't think it was a conscious decision since I fell asleep with one of the boys while getting them to bed).. The next morning I then had to go get my ingredients, while Matt got the pans out of the boxes - and, to his credit, by the end of the weekend we had all our things out of the storage unit! Now, however, stuff is just flung all over the downstairs, which kind of is not exactly the look of domestic organization I am striving for, but no matter for now...

I did make my cakes - 2 of them, in to sell and one to go with teas - but it was not without some sort of "Why me? Why *my* cakes?" moment. I use a Betty Crocker recipe for my carrot cake recipe, and the cream cheese frosting is really yummy. But there's a hitch. In the UK, you can't (or I can't, at least!) buy cream cheese that's in a block - all of them are sold in the spreadable tub format, and what makes it spreadable is that it has water or liquid added to make it that way. Fine for spreading on your bagel, but not so good when you're trying to make a frosting that should hold two round cakes together! I need to find a fix for this for the future; as it was on Saturday I could only take in one iced round because the top half just kept sliding off!

Blake was pretty cheery over the weekend, and had his face painted at the fair. A funny thing happened, which is that I'm sure that at that same event last year, he also had his face painted as a tiger. I wonder if he remembers that that's the design he has done there?!

On Sunday it was miserable out, but I had a 5k run to do which I just about managed, before I came home, had a hot bath and had a nap on the sofa with Noah. We then unpacked some toys and didn't do much that was productive around the house, and then it was time for another week!

Today my little Noah found an old hat (I think it's one our friend Becks gave to Blake several years ago) and Noah insisted on wearing it after his bath and to bed. Speaking of bed...I must head there now...Goodnight!

Sept weekend

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