Monday, July 23, 2012

Nearing the end of this long long process

I haven't been writing much, obviously, but life has just been too turned upside down with the stuff going on with our house renovations.  I wish I hadn't just lost 2 months of my blog and our normal life, but that's what has happened! 
The good news is that we are finally - ever so slowing - inching toward the finish line.  We have a few minor things that need to get resolved in the kitchen, and the decorators are now in to apply paint and make things look fresh and lovely (only, of course, for them to be covered in small handprints almost immediately, I'm guessing).

Here are some photos of the boys helping pick paint colors for the bathroom (none of these will be selected, I don't think!) and then having a little al fresco meal yesterday on the patio. 

I hope that when life returns to normal - or at least our version of "normal" - I will able to get back to my blogging ways...
Til then - thanks for checking in!

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