Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A special Wednesday

Even though I've given the impression in the title that today was a special Wednesday, in truth, every Wednesday is special given that it's a day that I get to spend with the boys. Things are going to change on that front soon, as once Blake starts school I'll be foregoing my day "off" to do two shorter days so that I can be involved in dropping him off and picking him up at school (something that isn't straightforward given the 8:55-3:15 school day). It breaks my heart to think that Noah will not ever get that day of my focusing on him, but I think overall this will be a good move both for staying involved in Blake's school schedule and possibly for my workload at work. We'll see. 

So really, they're all special, but today was in particular a little bit more special in that Blake's pre-school held a little Graduation ceremony for them. Adorned in "cap and gown" (not sure where the gown came from but it certainly isn't that shiny stuff we wore for high school graduation!), all the "graduates" filed over this little bridge in the nursery garden to get their certificates. They were so cute and we all enjoyed cheering them on.


It was super hot today - and of course that meant most people were complaining it was too hot because that's what people do in this country! It was, actually, way too hot but I vowed not to moan because after all the rain of April, May, June and July - heat and sunshine are really quite welcome to be in attendance at my life! Here are the boys at a local cafe this morning - not entirely sure why they both took their shoes off (or whether the Food Hygiene Board would be best pleased!) but I just saw this moment and thought it reminded me of the "dog days of summer"....


Last night Matt and I got to go out for dinner thanks to having one of our neighborhood babysitters home for the summer. It's kind of incredible how much we used to eat out and how nice something can be when you aren't taking it for granted. We also had the realization during dinner that it will be 10 years on Friday since we

Tomorrow I get to fly solo to Chicago to be at Mona's wedding on Saturday, which I'm so looking forward to. I'm going to miss Matt and the boys so much, but I know it will go quickly and that I'll be back before I know it. Then we can look forward to the Olympics and the - please please, let this be true - imminent completion of all the work to our house. We are so close and they are putting the finishing touches on paint and stuff, so it does finally feel like we're in the home stretch. And once it's done, everyone is welcome to come visit! If the sun stays around, it might not be a dismal prospect!


Monday, July 23, 2012

Nearing the end of this long long process

I haven't been writing much, obviously, but life has just been too turned upside down with the stuff going on with our house renovations.  I wish I hadn't just lost 2 months of my blog and our normal life, but that's what has happened! 
The good news is that we are finally - ever so slowing - inching toward the finish line.  We have a few minor things that need to get resolved in the kitchen, and the decorators are now in to apply paint and make things look fresh and lovely (only, of course, for them to be covered in small handprints almost immediately, I'm guessing).

Here are some photos of the boys helping pick paint colors for the bathroom (none of these will be selected, I don't think!) and then having a little al fresco meal yesterday on the patio. 

I hope that when life returns to normal - or at least our version of "normal" - I will able to get back to my blogging ways...
Til then - thanks for checking in!

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

Returning to the blogosphere through baby is a photo from today, where Blake is -- hmm, not *so* proudly, but hindered by the sun in his face -- displaying his "penny pendant" which I helped his class make. Never mind that I cut out those stars (3 x 24) at 2:00 in the morning which gave my hand really bad cramps and killed my neck as I hunched over doing it. I did this because I only realized after I had chosen this as the activity that it was really meant for children about 3 or 4 years older than B and his little classmates! Me and my great ideas...!

I hope all of my fellow Americans had a great day celebrating!