Monday, May 28, 2012

It's one of those posts....

By one of "those" posts, I mean, where to begin to catch you up on our recent happenings? And by that I mean, since I am not sure how many of "you" there actually are reading this, where to begin to remind myself of where it was I lost my head in the past few weeks!

The biggest news in our immediate vicinity is that our kitchen is now just a great big hole full of dust and rubble, and we have relocated the kitchen - with mild success- to our living room. Thus far the finest meal served there in the approximately 6 days since the work began is the meal that was most often enjoyed in that same room anyway: breakfast Cheerio's. It feels slightly crazy to have your refrigerator, microwave, and toaster all sitting just a foot or two away from the sofa and the tv, but I'm sure people have had to endure worse! In theory it should all last about 6 weeks, but we're expecting it to go over since that always seems to be the way with these things.

I think I'll post a day-by-day photo history to keep the progress and the photographic evidence straight, so stay tuned for that to come.

In other, much more big, much more exciting news - there are new babies to announce! Terri and Duncan welcomed their twins, Dexter and Margo, last Thursday, and four days later, Anna and Chris brought a little daughter - Clara- into the world! Everyone is doing well and those little babies sure are cute from the pictures we've seen. It seems almost surreal for me to try to think back to that time of having a newborn - it's so crazy how time just passes, and memories (especially ones experienced under extreme exhaustion) just fade. I have been trying to appreciate the hugs and cuddles from both boys, when they get hurt or are really tired and curl up in my lap. I know that time is just going to feel like it's speeding up as life stays busy and they get bigger.

On a related note, I had to fill out the forms for Blake's school entrance in September, and it just so happened that as I was reviewing them, I spilled my drink all over them. The drink couldn't have been mere water, or juice, oh no. It was a bottle of beer. It just seemed to sum up the current state of affairs - and I am very lucky that when everything dried out, I don't think it was too smelly. I can assure that when you're plotting your child's time at school, you really don't want him to be known by the administration as the son of that sloppy beer-drinking American woman. But if that's the case, well, so be it. Make mine a pint please!


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