Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rain, rain - GO AWAY!

It feels like we haven't had nice weather in weeks. Today, though, was the pinnacle of dismal - it literally just rained on and off all day, and when it was on, it was ON. Driving, pounding rain, combined with a few odd hailstorms, and basically just a general coldness that makes it really feel like we are nowhere near the end of winter.

On days like this, it's tough to find the motivation, but of course it's exactly on days like this that you need to do so! Last Wednesday it was also raining (but it was a bit lighter rain, and it was a bit warmer), and anyway, last week we went to the Horniman Museum with Blake's friend Ethan and his mum. All was going well - it is a brilliant museum when the weather is foul - and the boys were having a great time running around. Noah was at his most excitable, though, and he ended up getting his fingers stuck in a door (he was trying to escape), and I literally ached from how much pain he seemed to be in. Fortunately he was ok and just came out of it with some bruised tips of his pudgy little fingers, but I still thought it was too soon to go back today! I couldn't bear a repeat of that incident, and I think Noah needs longer than a week to forgot how those doors tried to eat his fingers!

As it was, we headed to the local toddler and children's playgroup at the nearby Baptist church, and it was a nice change of scene. The boys had a good time - and looked so cute - painting. I was impressed with Noah's original masterpiece (either a Chinese letter, or "Pi = 3.14") and Blake's picture is a summary of the current weather (note black sky - eek, surely a child should imagine the sky as constantly blue?!). He later added blue raindrops...

I was gifted a nap on the sofa while Noah slept in his cot and Blake sat near me watching tv. I still rate a midday nap as possibly one of the best things ever. So despite the rain, I shouldn't complain - we made art and got some rest. But now I'm ready for the sun to come out...!


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