Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Not sure the linguist gene has been passed on...

The week before Easter, Matt went away on a business trip for a few days, and when he came home he remarked how much Noah's language had come along since he'd been gone. Noah has never been the most verbal of kids, but he's always gotten his point across (biting Blake being an equally effective way of getting some desired item as "Please, Blake, may I have that?" could ever be). It's true that in the last few weeks, though, he has really started to do A LOT more talking. On the one hand, this is wonderful - and very sweet to hear as he attempts hard words, struggles through them, and makes us giggle while also getting his need met. Yesterday morning he was asking for Cheerio's and the conversation went something like this:

N: "Heerio's, Mom"

M: "What else do you say, Noah?"

N: "Heerios' in da bowl."

M: (laughing): "Yes, in the bowl, but what else - how about 'please'?"

N: "Heerio's in da bowl peas."

There is a lot of Noah parroting Blake - which again, is great, although it seems to result in a lot of arguments which can never have a victor ("I won", said by Blake, followed by Noah repeating, "I won", followed by Blake protesting, "NO, *I* won", and then Noah's "No, I won!" and on and on. Equally frustrating for all parties both involved and observing: "My car!", "My car!", "My car!", "My car!" nauseum.

Here is a video of Noah and Matt reading Babar in the USA - " baby elephant"s appearing quite a lot since Babar takes his whole family to the US (don't even want to imagine the cost of that on British Airways). "Elephant" seems a little bit harder to enunciate than you might think. And well, "rhinoceros"...I think you can see that proves a syllable or two for much for our Noah.

He loves Elmo so I might try to see if I can get him singing "Elmo's Song" - it's very cute. One of his signature phrases that makes me laugh is "Messy" which means literally: "Me see" or "Let me see." Bless him...


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