Monday, April 23, 2012

My wheat-free, iPadded life

I can imagine you've hardly been able to sleep at night, what with wondering how I'm doing with my wheat-free diet and how I'm getting on with my iPad...

A week into a world without bread and pasta, and it's not too bad. I think what I realized in the first week was just how pervasive wheat is in my life - there were so many moments when I was hungry where I just thought, "Oh, I'll have some toast," or "Let's see, what would be easy for dinner? Yes, pasta! Oh, wait a minute...!" So in a sense it was a bit of a challenge to retrain my brain not to think of this type of food as an option, and I guess it hasn't been easy, but it certainly hasn't been impossible. I feel somewhat lighter, but I don't think it's made a tangible difference to my "spare tire" around my middle - and as for the energy levels...well, I wouldn't say I actually feel like I have more! When my friend Sandro did a similar experiment to cut down on bread, he did say he felt less sluggish, but I'm wondering if I'm just destined to feel a bit sluggish at the moment! Overall, it remains an interesting experiment, and one that I'll try to stay on top of for another 3 weeks or so. I found it funny that on my first trip to the store after I started, I headed straight to the "Free From" section at Sainsbury's to see what I could get that would sate my need for carbs beyond rice and pasta. So I did buy some gluten-free pasta and some cereal that is more interesting than Corn Flakes - and I had to laugh because it was about the same stage comparatively to when, during Lent, I went and bought the alcohol-free beer! Anyway, if all of a sudden I have enough energy to motivate me to go do something extremely productive, I will definitely report it here.


And as for my iPad, I am growing to like it. My external keyboard DEFINITELY makes things easier, and I do like being able to just quickly browse the net without having to boot up the laptop. I also downloaded my first iBook (following a free voucher from Starbucks), so I think that has potential to entertain the kids. At least now I don't regret the purchase as much as I did the first week! Changing my life...I'm not holding my breath on that one, though!


We were all trying to crowd into the iPad's camera view the other day, and I like these pictures simply because at least some part of my face is in the frame! I do fear that when the kids are older, they'll say 'Why wasn't Mom in any photos?" (because I was taking them all, you sillies!). Blake insisted his "Sheepy" get in the shot as well, and pretty much Sheepy hogged the limelight and I couldn't figure out how to get more of me, Blake and Noah in. We experimented a bit with Instagram, and voila - photographic imperfection of the highest quality!



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