Monday, April 02, 2012

Lyons cousins in the wild!

On Friday, Tom and Lykke and the girls came to stay for the weekend, and we had a nice time on Friday at Crystal Palace Park.  The kids just seem to all love each other, and Blake and Emma especially just seem to be on exactly the same wavelength when they're around each other.  It's so sweet to see.  Noah tried desperately to keep up with the "big kids", but was always a few steps behind in his chase to follow Blake and Emma wherever they were headed. 

Friday afternoon was pretty hot - with temps somewhere around 20 degrees C/high 60's F, so inevitably, Saturday morning broke in near frost and it remained freezing all day long.  We weren't daunted by the Arctic air and went to the Slow Food Festival on Norwood Road, which was pretty good in terms of activities.  There were quite a few seed-based activities (lucky dip of seed bags), and being able to make a seed tray that looked like a paper bus.  The kids also decorated their own cupcakes, saw flour being made, and were entertained by some giant bee that was very realistic. 

I love the photos that I took on my phone (my iPhone that is, definitely a good purchase!).  Still debating the merits of the iPad...

Enjoy a taste of spring with the Lyons cubs!

Cousins visit

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