Monday, April 09, 2012

Happy Easter!

It was a chocolate-fuelled Sunday at Bishy's as we celebrated Easter.  Noah and I went to Elizabeth's local church, where we managed to get through the service even he though toward the end Noah was making it quite clear that he was ready to leave.  I spent much of the time thinking it is going to be urgently time to get a grip both on my love handles and on my wardrobe, as I felt like I was usually bent over trying to wrangle N away from something (the central church aisle, a fire extingusher, etc), and my shirt kept pulling up in the back exposing way too much skin.  And if it were only skin, that might be fine, but the layer of pudge is not so cool. 

After lunch, Lykke organized an Easter egg hunt in the garden for the kids - but we had to be quiet because of a young mother bird guarding her nest containing two newly-hatched arrivals.  The kids had a ball much of the day just being together, so that was really nice.  I am now about to retire having completed Noah's cake - he's actually 2 as I write this, since it's 1:30 in the morning!  More to come on the cake and Noah's birthday later.  I got some wonderful shots today but I'll just post my two favorites before signing off.  Happy Easter!

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