Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Decision time!

Today could be described as pretty stressful - finally we leaned what primary school Blake would go to, in a London borough where schools are over-subscribed, families have done exactly what we've done in terms of moving to get an affordable house with good schools nearby, only to find out that those schools don't have enough spots for everyone who's arrived to attend them!

I felt kind of ill-at-ease all day, because we knew that we would get an email in the "evening" that would let us know what we got. As it turns out, we got our 3rd choice, which was realistically the likely best outcome we could have hoped for (our first and second "choices" being extremely popular and extremely over-subscribed - one of them last year had 426 applications for 90 spots, so we weren't holding out much hope). Crucially, Blake's best friend on the road parallel to us got the same, so I feel good about being to able to join forces with them on the whole "school run" thing. As we've always known, things will likely get harder for us in many ways once Blake is at school - the school day being 8:55-3:15 so not exactly all that great for a working parent aiming to also commute an hour each way to get to a 9-5 job. We shall see what happens there.

And at least, now, the waiting is over and we can start planning and imaging what it's going to be like. Really hard to believe our little baby will start school in just over 4 months!

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