Monday, April 30, 2012

Big boys, growing up

As you would imagine, I'm very proud of my boys - they're good kids and although they drive me crazy at times, I love them to pieces.

Blake is still good at his drawing and coloring, and now he's getting good at writing letters and attempting to understand (I guess?) how things are spelled. Yesterday we went to our friend Flora's 2nd birthday party, and Blake wanted to write all our names in the card. At some point I guess I'll have to explain what "forgery" is, but for now, it was nice he wanted to do it.

He also loves coloring which has been a nice hobby over the past 2 weeks when it has pretty much rained constantly. For two weeks. That's 14 days. Not good with small children who, like dogs, need a lot of exercise! Anyway, Blake has had plenty of opportunity to draw and color - this may be Bishy's designated birthday present drawing.


And Noah, well, he's turned into such a big boy in the last 24 hours! I got both of them Cars2 duvet covers for Easter, but we kept promising and promising that we'd get Noah a big boy bed soon, and then we kept putting it off (because of the rain...! No not really, but it's my excuse for everything at the moment). On Sunday Matt went and got him a bed at Ikea, just like Blake's, and we prepared ourselves for major disruptions. We moved Noah out of his room into Blake's room - must remember to stop calling it "Blake's room" - and into the bed, so actually two changes at once. There was also the small matter that Noah goes to bed in a fully dark room, whereas B has to fall asleep with the light on - how was this going to work?!, we wondered. Last night Matt read them both a story, said "Night night", and left the room with each of them in his respective bed. About 2 minutes later, there was just silence from their room. Matt and I looked at each other with puzzled looks on our faces and then discussed that it had been too easy. What was going on? Anyway, as it turns out, they both just fell asleep, and had a pretty good night. I heard noises from Noah at around 4:20 but by the time I got into the room - and it was pretty quick, as I thought to myself how awful it would be if Blake also woke up, at around 4:30 in the morning - N had already located his empty bottle and gone back to sleep. They then didn't wake up til about 6:30, which is pretty good going in our house. Matt thinks that Noah may have been awake before Blake but just waiting for him to get up, but if that's the way they want to play it, I'm definitely fine with that! Who knows what tonight will hold, but maybe, just maybe, this might be an easy transition! I feel like I could use a bit of "easy"!


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