Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring cleaning! (of the hairline)

Earlier in the year, I posted about Matt giving Noah his first haircut, but today we decided to take him for something a bit more professional in order to try to tidy up his stray comb-overs and Tintin-like locks.  The haircutter of choice - at least for the kids - in our local area is Changes salon on the Rosendale Parade, so we headed there for a haircutting experience which lasted about 5 minutes, such little material was there to work with!  The girl said she actually couldn't believe it was Noah's first haircut because of how still he sat in the seat, but I promised her it was (and not just because the first haircut there is free!).  He was really so quiet and I think just trying to take it all in. 

Afterwards though, Noah was full of energy, probably due in part to the KitKat that each of the boys got in the shop. 
Not sure if his hair is going to be his best asset...!  

Having a KitKat sword fight on the walk home...

Blake had been for a haircut on Wednesday, and always seems sooo much older when his hair is shorter.  He is such a grown-up handsome boy now (definitely grown-up, hopefully you'll allow me handsome)...feels slightly shocking to look at his baby pictures - or even his pictures as a 2-year-old - and try to remember what he was like!

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