Monday, March 19, 2012

Sleep is so beautiful!

I recently did a team-building exercise called the "Personal Passport" - it's essentially a way for you to describe your values through telling your "story".  One of the questions was, "In my leisure time, I like to...".  Smart-aleck first answer that came to mind was, "What leisure time?", but I went ahead to answer it.  The number one answer I gave was "Writing my blog" (though the number of recent posts would not support that), and secondly, I wrote, "Napping". 
There is something so absolutely glorious in my mind about having a nap.  It's just such a way of saying to the world, "You're gonna have to wait while I catch up on my beauty sleep!"  And I sure as hell need a lot of that these days! 

I have, however, recently caught myself admiring my sleeping children and thought I'd share some of my favorite snaps of these idyllic scenes.  Of course, every moment I frittered away concentrating on these photos was a moment that I myself was not napping...!

B&W of photo reinforces calm mood (!)

Taken at the same time as the one of Matt and Noah in the was just a sleepy afternoon!

Mixed views of seeing this in the rearview mirror - on the one hand it's great they're asleep, but on the other, we were trying to get somewhere so their choice of naptime is probably not ideal!

Three sleeping bears

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