Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Mothering Sunday

The UK celebrated Mothers' Day, or to use the technical term - "Mothering Sunday" - yesterday, and I was treated to a few extra hours of sleep.  Truly the best gift imaginable (good thing, as that was my only gift!).  Getting to sleep in, by the way, meant sleeping until 8:00am! 
The night before, Matt had, around 8:00pm, asked me if we had a tray.  We've been moving some infrequently-used items up to the loft in anticipation - within the next couple of months or so - of starting the renovation work to our kitchen and dining room.  I told him that I wasn't sure where it was, but in my mind, I thought, "Interesting...!"

The next morning, when I finally woke up fully and thought that it was probably time to start the day, I let my nose be my guide.  Did I smell any frying bacon, or bread toasting?  Did I hear the cacophonous whisking of eggs for an omelette?  No, but I'm pretty sure I heard the beginnings of World War 3 breaking out over who was going to get the Cars2 stickers to plaster all over inappropriate places in the living room...and I think, by the smell of it, Noah had already had his diaper changed once already in the room next to ours.  So, no, there was no breakfast in bed.  There was, shortly afterwards though, the appearance of my husband telling me that a virus had deleted all the documents on his user profile on the computer.  Great, that will put him in a fantastic mood for the day!  I went down and had some Cheerio's for breakfast.  We didn't have any bacon in the fridge and the box of eggs displayed a best-before date that was sometime last week.  We ended up having a nice lunch instead (I pretty much told him that he needed to make lunch as the boys and I headed off to church, so that there were no mixed messages!), and as a second-best gift to a lie-in, I got an afternoon nap while the boys slept/watched tv.

Anyway, back to what I'm calling the "tray tease": when he asked me about the tray, what normal, hard-working mother on the eve of the specific holiday designed to honor our kind, wouldn't think that that meant he was planning breakfast in bed?!  I am not precious, but it would have been nice, although as my friend Jenny sagely pointed out, "Who wants crumbs in the duvet?" 

I did get this nice photo of the day, which I love very much, despite Blake now being evidently unable to produce a genuine smile for a camera.  I do also love the man who helped me be a mother to these beautiful children, even if he's not very good at executing on breakfast in bed! Happy Mothers' Day to Bishy, Lykke, and all my UK mother friends.  Hope you had a great day and got all that you were hoping for.  Did you get breakfast in bed?  If so, don't tell me...!  :)

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