Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy birthday (some belated!)

Blake's birthday is always memorable and special because he shares it with Anna - so happy birthday, Anna - we hope you had a great day!

On Saturday evening after Blake's party, I managed to get myself into town to celebrate belatedly with Sajni.  Her friend had organized a night out at a bar called Aqua, and although it was chilly (ok, freezing!) out, we headed to the terrace, which offered some pretty cool views over Regent Street and London.  I have given up alcohol for Lent, a decision which I thought was going to be easy, but turned out to be a bit harder as the first week went on and every day I'd come after work thinking that a nice glass of wine would be nice!  Anyway, last Saturday that meant I was just enjoying a cranberry juice and the views before heading home and collapsing.  So, happy birthday - belatedly - Sajni!

And the youngest member of Team Cook, Ben, turned one last week - hard to believe when a baby you feel like just arrived celebrates 365 - or in his case, 366 - days old!

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