Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Glorious spring in London

We had a truly glorious weekend, greatly aided by the sun which shone pretty much all weekend, and the "springing forward" on Sunday night which means that our evenings are now lighter later, and hopefully winter has been banished til sometime after Halloween. I love having people over, but we don't do it as much as we ought to, really. One of the most wonderful things about guests is not just having the chance to catch up with them, but - at least in all the houses I've ever lived in - their arrival is always preceded by a frantic bout of cleaning, which means that when the guests have gone, the house is much cleaner than it was before the visit!
Saturday morning started early with cleaning, which carried on into the early afternoon.  It didn't feel so much as a "Spring Clean" as a "Clean that you didn't do in Autumn or Winter Either".  Blake helped tidy his room, which meant piling up all his toys into a very large and expansive pile against the wall.  I later had to spend about an hour sorting through the plastic sausages from the plastic tools from the plastic cars from the plastic little people and farm animals.  It felt like there was a lot of plastic!  We then went over to Zekiya's 4th birthday party at Clapham Common - a very well-organized event with some cool folks from a company called Playball who did all the work on keeping the kids entertained with all kinds of games.  It looked like tons of fun for the kids and Blake enjoyed himself, until we noticed that his ears seemed to have broken out in some red rashy spots, which I later concluded was a reaction to the sun.  Poor thing to have inherited my pasty white and sun allergic skin...!  Anyway, we kind of high-tailed it from the party worried somewhat that this might spread quickly to his entire body (fortunately it didn't), but by leaving early we also had a few minutes to pause before welcoming our guest for the night - the lovely Becks whom I hadn't seen for nearly two years!  Ugh, that is just too long not to see a beautiful friend who lives in the same country. 
While Becks got to work entertaining Blake and Noah with all her funny voices, Blake made us laugh by calling her "Beckiya", probably brought on having been at Zekiya's party earlier in the day.  It was pretty funny but Becks really liked it, in the same way I think that Mom loved being called "Kyla" by Noah.  If you had a nickname, what would you want it to be? 

Matt did the dinner duty, good man that he is, and we all hit the hay pretty early.  The next day there was some coloring, some time in the garden with the bubble machine, and some quiet moments where both boys had early naps (daylights savings time seemed to have really tinkered with their internal clocks).  We then went over to the Dulwich Woodhouse to meet up with the Morris-Priegos, and then finished off with a quick walk in Dulwich Wood.  We were sad Heids didn't get to join us but she was called off to pilot a spy plane - or something like that - so she was only with us in spirit. 
It was a really lovely lovely weekend, and Becks and Matt and I talked about the need to have these times in the diary to connect with old friends.  It definitely felt like chicken soup for the soul, and we ended up with a relatively clean house to boot.  Result! 
Fab March Weekend

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