Monday, March 19, 2012

The first ice creams of the season

If there's one thing I'm a sucker for, it's ice cream in the park.  Amidst some pretty cool temperatures - but with the sun shining - we celebrated the first ice cream of the season in Crystal Palace Park when we were there a few weekends ago as an extended family.  The only thing that was questionable was whether it was really ice cream - it was that soft serve kind that is sold out of a van, and that they advise that pregnant women don't eat...kind of makes you go, "Hmmm...".Anyway, we all had something and snapped a picture for the family photo album.

Feb 26, Crystal Palace Park

A few weeks later, the boys had their second taste when we were down in Belair Park.  Blake's ears are fine-tuned to the chimes of the ice cream van and it's very difficult to dissuade him from the idea that we should go pay our custom to the arriving singing vehicle.  Like the whipped frozen non-dairy treat, I'm a "soft" touch when it comes to the boys and their treats.

Tucking in

Getting messy

I think this was Blake "copying" Noah...sigh.

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