Monday, March 19, 2012

The end of my Grandparent Honeymoon!

It had started to feel - in a good way! - that Mom and Dad were going to stay in London forever...but early in the morning two Saturdays ago, they headed off to Gatwick to get their plane back to NC.  We have had an amazing seven weeks - filled with endless hours of their playing with and looking after the boys (doing crafts, playing board games, drawing, serving Cheerios and breakfast juice, reading, teaching photography, nursing colds, etc).   I have been totally spoiled - totally spoiled - because I was relinquished of my duties of the morning nursery drop-off's and evening pick-up's, and during the day Mom often managed to tidy the house and tackle several loads of laundry.  Half the time I felt guilty that it felt as if we had was an extremely good nanny who was receiving no compensation for her work, and the other half, well, I just enjoyed it and decided that when my time comes to do the same as a Granny, I hope I'm up for it!  Noah had started to occasionally call Mom "Mommy Karla" (although he pronounces "Karla" more like "Kyla"), which was cute but pulled at my heartstrings a bit!
Since they left, the two times that we've been to church, Noah has, upon entering the church said, "Kyla gone", or at least that's what I think he's saying (it may be "Kyla John" instead).  Mom enjoyed meeting lots of our congregation and then seeing people out and about in the community; it's true that while we are in a pretty big city, our local community can have the amazing ability to feel like a small town. 

And so, we look forward to seeing Granny and Grandpa again in June, but this time on the other side of the Atlantic when we head over for our trip to Clinton.  By then I bet Noah will have better command of his "r's" although I think Mom liked the nickname "Kyla"!

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