Monday, March 19, 2012

Blake's party write-up

It's taken me about a week to recover from the exhaustion of Blake's birthday, and now another week to finally getting around to hitting the Publish button on this post from about a week ago! (and well, add in another week for good measure...) Last Saturday we went to a little friend's 4-year-old party, and I sure was glad to be going simply as a guest, and not as the party planner.  

Blake's party was lots of fun - for him, at least, and the majority of the people under 4-feet who were in attendance.  I was a little more stressed out at whether there were enough activities to keep the kids occupied.  Actually, though, he and his little friends had a great time just running around and, well, if all else fails, potato chips and cake can usually please even the most difficult crowd.  I kind of forgot that they can actually create a lot of entertainment for themselves, even if it isn't directed in the form of "Simon Says" or "Musical Bumps", a game Blake had tried to explain to me the previous day when we were discussing entertainment.

I had the ultimate disappointment, however, when I discovered, as we were packing up all the things in the kitchen at the church hall - AFTER the party had ended - that I'd forgotten to unveil my secret party weapon: a bubble machine!  Even more annoying, I had gone to buy it after work on Friday, trekking into central London along with hordes of people who were headed out to bars and pubs to celebrate the end of the week.  There I was, sweaty, exhausted, and battling through the various layers of Hamley's toy store, specifically to acquire this item for the party - only then to forget to actually turn it on?!  Argh!  Anyway, a friend pointed out that it will be great in the garden when the weather turns warmer, so I guess it's true that in the grand scheme of things, it wasn't too big a deal. 

Here are some party pictures...Noah spit out a chocolate candy all over my shirt but fortunately I don't think it was too obvious.  And now, I can relax for a year or so - Noah's birthday is on Easter Monday so we'll do something small, and hopefully now that I have discovered the option of buying ready-colored icing, life could get a lot easier.
Blake's Birthday

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