Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Not a Material Girl, but a Ticketmaster Queen

In the past week, I have been center stage in that drama of life where you don't hear or think about someone or something for months, and then all of a sudden they're everywhere!

A week ago, I had even forgotten that Madonna was going to performing at the Super Bowl, but having watched the video highlights afterwards, her performance inspired me to write my first blog post in ages.  Funnily enough, I then got an email from Ticketmaster on Thursday afternoon letting me know that tickets for one of my favorite performers would be going on sale the following morning.  Oh yeah, I thought.  She is one of my favorite performers, isn't she?!  I had no idea that she was even starting another tour.... 

After seeing her on her Hard Candy tour a few years ago, I'm pretty sure I decided that I was no longer going to shell out money to attend concerts.  Ticket prices are just crazy now, and unfortunately Madonna's shows are now much more about the theatrics of it all - her costume changes, the lighting and pyrotechnics, the countless dancers, the political messages...the spectacle of Madge.  I say "unfortunately" because my ideal concert would be for her to sing all the hits from her first four albums (taking us up to 1989) and then forget about all the newer stuff (apart from if she wanted to include some of the songs from Evita!).  Ideally, of course, she would make way for me to perform my Like a Prayer dance as well, which, really, as we know, is actually better than her own. 

I was supposed to have a meeting on Friday at 10:00, and at the last minute it got cancelled.  It was, I decided, a sign, so on I went to ticketmaster.  In a matter of minutes, I was the proud owner of two tickets to see Her Madgesty in Hyde Park on July 17th.  Matt got first right of refusal - and he did in fact decline the invitation, bless him - so I'm on the market for someone who'd like to go with me.  If we're lucky it will be warm and sunny and she'll turn back the clock and sign only the hits that I know the words to.

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