Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My baby is FOUR!

The clock has now ticked over into a new day, so this post is a belated birthday wish to Blake, my 4-year-old baby! I can't believe he's so old.

Fortunately, this also means that the birthday mayhem is also now finished for a while, at least until April when Noah's special day rolls around. It has been a rather tiring couple of days getting everything ready for Blake to celebrate, but we got through it with relative sanity intact and everyone still speaking to each other!

At our lovely - and totally crazy and manic - party on Saturday (I spent pretty much the whole time muttering to myself, "What was I thinking?!"), not one, not two, but three of our - three - cameras ran out of their batteries, so party shots are limited while we wait for the batteries to recharge so that I can download the limited number of pics that we did manage to take, on to the computer. It was a fun party, and I think most importantly, Blake had a great time.

On Monday, he decided that he wanted to have another sleepover with Granny Karla and Grandpa John (Bishy and Peter were also visiting, so it was an extra special sleepover). That was fine, and he seems to love this big boy adventure of the sleepover, but what it meant was that on his birthday morning, he wasn't at home for me to wish him happy birthday! Mom came over to help get Noah dressed and ready, and I headed off to work thinking to myself that I thought I wouldn't not get to see my child on the morning of his birthday at least until he was a teenager! I felt a little bit sad for myself and then had to remind myself, again, that it's not about me - it was about what he wanted for his special day.  Sniff, sniff...
They also took the cupcakes I baked last night off to his pre-school class for them to enjoy. Praise be, if I haven't said this before, for the import/export Gods who decided to bring Betty Crocker cake mixes and ready-made icing to UK supermarkets. 

I stopped on the way home from work and got fish and chips for a special dinner, mainly saving everyone the hassle of having to cook anything (ok, "special" = "lazy" dinner). We then opened some presents and Blake was so excited with what he got. He gave the SWEETEST hug to Matt after Matt gave him our present, some sort of hulking plastic creation that is apparently Batman's Bat Cave. Blake walked over to Matt and hugged his leg so tightly it made me want to cry!  It does seem like a pretty cool toy and Blake and Noah managed to play with it together for a while, always a result, even if temporary!

And so, here it is - February 29th. If you remember, and if you're doing the calculations, Blake came very close to being a Leap Day baby four years ago. But he made it into the world at 7:35 am on the 28th, and has been my love and joy ever since. Ok, not every single moment, of course - like tonight in the bath when he and Noah seemed to get into a head-butting match which left both of them bawling their eyes out (the concept of a relaxing bath doesn't seem to exist in our house!) but he's a great son and I love him to bits. Happy birthday, sweet boy - we love you...

My baby in 2008, one day old...
And now, a big 4-year-old...!
Bless Noah, as soon as Blake moved on to open a new present, Noah would focus in on the newly-available-to-play-with toy...!

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