Saturday, February 25, 2012

Matchbox 20 and a certain hour

She says baby,
It's 3 am, I must be Mona!

Very much looking forward to singing that in Chicago in July with Mona and the girls!

The cake is progressing.  Trying to color the fondant was probably a mistake, or rather, there would probably have been easier ways to get colored to buy colored fondant!

I think I am too tired to work on the web (ha ha, no pun intended - I mean the spiderweb!), so I'm going to try to clean up all my fondant-y bits that adorn the dining room table, and call it a night.

If I choose to look at this as a learning opportunity, I guess in many ways I have learned a lot tonight, so it must be good! I fear it may actually taste disgusting, and a lot of people just throw that layer of fondant away anyway, even when it's not going crusty and with various holes and cracks as mine has!  Fortunately I also made some brownies earlier if the cake tastes hideous.  And at least it won't taste like a bottle of food coloring...

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