Monday, February 06, 2012

I share with you my thoughts on...

I've had a cold since Friday, but it's not just a's a really really bad one - constantly blowing my nose, honking into a Kleenex, coughing so hard I have to hold myself around my middle. I'm not sure what this has to do with much, apart from finding myself awake at 2:30 in the morning last night (after waking myself up from coughing) and deciding that I should go down and watch the end of the Super Bowl. The browser on my bedside iPhone told me the score was Giants, 15 - Patriots, 17. Interesting. I manage four people in the US, and 3 of them are based in Boston and one is in NY. My company's US employees, bar say half a dozen to a dozen, all work in either Boston or NY.   I don't really follow American football, so I didn't really have a favorite.

One of the first plays I saw was the play that will surely go down as the Most Reluctant Touchdown Ever in a Super Bowl. That poor guy for NY who scored the last touchdown, only because it seemed he got a bit too far in to actually justify turning around and running OUT of the unbelievably sad was that?! Of course he now has a Super Bowl ring on his finger, so all's well that ends well, but can you imagine? Do what you've been trained to do from probably shortly after you're able to walk, and have a collective groan go up from your own fans after you pass through that invisible barrier of glory?  Because it might have been safer to end up with a field goal and less time on the clock for Tom Brady to lead his team down the field to victory?  If anything, I think it's an interesting lesson about the notion of seizing the moment.  What if he had gone to ground before scoring the TD, and on the next play the Giants had fumbled?  They were behind after all.  Anything really could have happened, so in a way he did what he should have done, which was do what came naturally to put his team ahead.  I'm glad it worked out for him. 

And then, it was on to the all-important halftime show, which I did miss seeing live, featuring my all-time favorite icon.  I watched it on YouTube tonight and had many thoughts, which were namely the following.  If you want to read my commentary while watching a replay, this would kind of read as the color commentary to the play-by-play. 
- Where is she?  Is she going to come out from beneath the stage?  I've seen her do that before.  Oh no, look, she's coming in on a chariot.  I wonder what Mom and Dad and other Latin teachers would think of all this [not realizing it was meant to be Egyptian and not ancient Roman].
- I wonder if Vogue, the magazine, paid for this show?  "Vogue", is this a kind of weird choice to include in this show?
- This is sure a spectacle, though.  Hang on a second, sometimes she's not really singing. What's that about? 
- Uh oh, did she just nearly fall off that bleacher?  I think she did.  I'm very glad she didn't.
- How nervous must this guy on this tightrope be?!  Oh my god, I can't even imagine.
- Who are these other girls singing this song I don't know?
- Who is this big guy with her?  I hope he does not collapse on stage; it looks as if it is a possibility. 

- She is amazing.  She's getting on a bit (how old is she again?) but she sure still has it.
This was my star thought of the night:
- Oh good, she's doing my song. ("Like a Prayer" obviously)
That one just has to make me laugh.  She's doing my song.  Brilliant role reversal and somewhat delusional thoughts on my part, but I'm sorry if it does feel like mine.  She does it well, though. 
Final thought was: how do I get to be in that "Like a Prayer" choir?!  I'm going to write a letter.  

That's all for tonight, folks.  Hope you're well.

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