Thursday, February 23, 2012

February milestones

Monday was a special day in our family, as we celebrated two milestones: Granny Karla’s birthday, and Blake’s first sleepover! We headed up to Mom and Dad’s rental house after nursery, and I quickly shoved a ready-made chicken pie in the oven while Blake and Noah and I got to work on baking Granny Karla some Peppa Pig Muddy Puddle cupcakes. Our oven at home is awful – burning pretty much everything unless it’s covered tightly with tin foil – so it was a treat to use a working, normal oven where you set the temperature and assume it’s not going to go any higher than that!
We had a nice dinner and Granny Karla enjoyed herself. We had packed up Blake’s Trunki suitcase, several sets of pajamas and clothes, and his duvet, so that he could have his first ever sleepover! When Matt and Noah and I headed home around 8:15, it felt very strange not to have Blake around for the evening routine! I slept with both phones by my bed in case Mom needed to call me to come get an upset Blake, but apparently once he went to bed he didn’t stir. I am not sure Mom slept very much though!
When Noah woke up this morning, he seemed a little lost and confused as to the whereabouts of Blakey, but around 8:00 the little traveller and Granny arrived back at our house, Blake wearing the proud smile of a boy who had slept away from home for the first time! I am not sure we’ll make this a habit anytime soon, although already tonight he was talking about his next sleepover. It’s both amazing and sad to me to see him growing so quickly – in many ways the sleepover is a further milestone in his growing up. Next up in terms of our sleep routines and changes….we’re contemplating when we should move Noah into Blake’s room and give Noah his own bed. He seems to love to crawl under duvets and pretend to be sleeping, so it seems he would like it. Whether or not he’s ready for a big boy bed, I don’t know…and in the meantime we also need to kick him of his bottle habit. He’s never been the most verbal child, bless him, but his language has been coming on leaps and bounds in the last couple of weeks. He’s now putting a couple of words together sometimes (“Daddy shoes”) which is nice, although he pronounces “milk” as “mock” and seems to prefer a Spanish brand of o-shaped breakfast cereal called “Heerios”. What a character he is though.
Making cupcakes...

So happy birthday, Granny Karla – the best mom and maternal
grandmother to the boys ever! We hope you enjoyed your party…we loved celebrating with you!

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