Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Our wild life!

The UK was battered with horrible weather today - gale force winds, fallen trees, heavy rain.  In London, it rained a lot and very hard, and on a day like today there is no better place to go with the kids than to our local Horniman Museum.  We struggled to find a parking spot, since it was clearly also the idea that many other mothers and fathers with restless children had happened upon after clearing up the breakfast cereal bowls.  In the short walk from the car to the entrance, we got soaked - the rain was blowing sideways and Noah's new Elmo umbrella just wasn't doing the job.

Anyway, once inside, it was nice and cozy and we got up close to the old stuffed animals in the natural history section of the museum, before spending a good while in the music room, and in particular the hands-on room where Blake and Noah both enjoyed blasting out various forms of "music" on Thai wooden frog drums, tube organs that you "play" by bashing flip-flops at their openings, and various assorted other instruments.  It was great fun.  Even more impressive was that we managed to get in and out without Blake wetting himself or having to spend any money in their cafe.  I was very happy with the excursion and felt like a good mother for at least trying to get them out of the house to do something cultural.  We've had A LOT of tv on over the festive period, and it's back to "normal" tomorrow so we'll see how we do.  I am not looking forward to the drop-off at nursery as I anticipate that Noah is not going to enjoy saying goodbye for the day.

I am not actually looking forward to being back on a schedule, although I'm sure I'll get used to it quickly.  With that I'd better be off to bed - no more late Sunday nights for me this year!

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