Friday, January 06, 2012

Noah gets a haircut!

Ha ha, that title makes me laugh, simply because it could almost read: "Noah gets a hair cut" such was the minimal nature of the trim he received on Tuesday.  He'd had this long piece in the front that had actually started to get into his eyes, and just ended up looking random and out of place all the time, so we decided to have a go at doing something about it.  At first we lined up for Matt to hold him and me to do the cutting, but I proved absolutely useless and Matt and I swapped places so that he actually did the cutting.  Not very significant in terms of length removed, but I still saved the small little locket in an envelope, sealed with the date and the fact that Noah's first barber was none other than dear old Dad.  It has looked so much better all week, though his nursery teachers still say he reminds them of Tintin because of his 'do!
Before...looking a bit straggly!

Ha ha, Daddy, I'll show you how to do it...!

Next time I'll just do it myself.

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