Monday, December 05, 2011

The post plan

So, how have you been enjoying my daily posts?!  Ha ha, I bet you're probably not actually surprised that I haven't stuck to the 40-day posting plan...after all, this blog is primarily about my foibles as a mother and person, and I think a post-a-day seems too OCD.  Or at least if I were doing it, I would feel even more deranged than I already do as it would mean I were getting even less sleep than I am now!

We had a hard week, there are no two ways about it.  On Monday night, Noah seemed feverish and had a really bad cough, which lasted through the week and is actually not yet completely gone.  As with all the times that these precious boys get sick, it was back to that drawing board of plan-changing and coping; on Tuesday Matt stayed home, on Wednesday we both had the day off as we had planned to go see Uncle David, but didn't end up doing that.  On Thursday I got an emergency nanny and worked from home, and on Friday I was feeling bad myself and decided that I just needed a sick day myself.  Noah and I slept for about 5 hours which was very welcome rest. 

I am up late so I won't babble on too much, but on Friday I caught these shots which make me smile. He reminds me of a little politician signing some sort of bill into fact he was just scribbling on my work papers which I had left out, but he sure looked cute, even if he did have a snotty nose and those "sick eyes" of a boy who isn't 100% himself. Here's hoping he's back to normal this week!

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