Friday, December 30, 2011

Film Review: Alvin and the Chipmunks - Chipwrecked (DNF)

In this period between Christmas and the New Year, when we find ourselves with frosty weather and too much time on our hands, it's difficult to know what form of entertainment beyond CBeebies will work with the kids.  On Wednesday we went for a nice wholesome trip to Dulwich Park, and the boys got to ride their new bikes.  We discovered that something might be faulty with Blake's - which was making it difficult for him to ride - so we'll need to take it back to the shop and see what they can do about it.

The story of Blake's Christmas present is a somewhat convoluted one, that I should probably write down lest I forget....Blake had been asking since the beginning of the Christmas season for a bike, and Matt, in his early-bird and Internet-ordering ways had found one at Tesco Direct several weeks ago.  It had been sitting in its box in the shed until the Tuesday before Christmas, at which point Matt thought he should go ahead and try to build it.  As he was putting it together, I was reminded of the story of my Dad and uncles constructing (although now that I'm writing that, I wonder if my Mom wasn't in fact the one doing it, while the men looked on...?) a Barbie van for me one Christmas - I think it took them nearly all night and they almost didn't finish making it by the time I woke up.  Or something like that...I'll have to find out the real version of the story.

Anyway, this was still several days before Christmas - Matt is infinitely a much better planner than I am, as I would have left making the bike until Christmas Eve, I'm sure.  Good thing he is, because as he put it together, it turns out the back wheel was defective and the whole thing wasn't working properly, with the back wheel making a whining noise every time it rubbed against the brake pads.  Uh oh.  Fortunately, as mentioned, it was only Tuesday, with Christmas not until Sunday, so on Wednesday I got on the phone to a local bike store, and a bike shop near my work who had the trike I wanted to get Noah in stock.  Saved by the forces of supply and availability!  Matt picked up Blake's "Bumper FirePower" bike on Friday morning and I carried Noah's Raleigh trike home from my office on Thursday, and Santa's work was complete!

Blake got to ride his bike on Christmas Day, along with Emma who also got a bike.  But Matt thought something wasn't right with the FirePower and this was confirmed at the park on Wednesday when the ride wasn't going very well.  We'll have to take it back and hope they can fix or replace it.

In the absence of a working bike, we had to find something else to do yesterday, and that something turned out to be a trip to the movies, to see Alvin and the Chickmunks (as Blake calls them): Chipwrecked.  I was excited about this excursion, namely because I thought Blake was ready for another go at the cinema.  His previous attempt - to see Cars at the Ritzy in Brixton with Mom - had resulted in an immediate refund before the film even started because he was "scared".  I'm not sure of what, exactly, but I guess it's the "cinematic experience" - the darkness, the loud soundtracks - that which I love so much about going to the movies!  I thought it was time to try again, and we did fare better yesterday, making it about 20 minutes into Chipwrecked before Blake decided that the Duck character was scary and that he wanted to leave.  He was sitting on my lap and I told him there was nothing to be afraid of, but after another 2 or 3 requests to leave, I decided it was wrong to force him to stay if he didn't want to.  I, therefore, am unable to do a full review of Chipwrecked, apart to say that in all honesty, I wasn't too sad that I didn't get to see how things evolved for Alvin and co on the deserted island! 

I think we're in for a low-key New Year's Eve, but I may try to get one more post in before midnight so that I can best the number of posts of 2008! 

Diligent Dad building Bike #1
Blake in Dulwich Park, dressed as Batman on his Bumper FirePower

Noah and Blake enjoying a ride in the park

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