Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Far too many things to be thankful for to actually write them down here, but I am thankful today most of all for a healthy family and loving friends, and technology which allows family to travel in person and over the phone lines. We got to spend Thanksgiving dinner (courtesy of Matt, bless him), with my cousin Sam, who is visiting from the US.  The boys enjoyed their food and playing cars all over the table (the table was gloriously covered in a very wrinkly tablecloth - I was far too tired to care!).

Poor Noah - he'd had his face written on by Blake (slightly funny, in that Blake tried to say it was Noah himself who had done it, and got a bit caught out by the fact that Blake had written actual letters (E and O)  on his forehead, which we explained Noah couldn't actually do yet himself...busted!) He also fell last weekend when we were out walking with Chris, Anna and Joseph and his upper lip is still scabbed over!

 Sam and Meg cooperating for the camera, Blake and Noah distracted by cars....
Our fancy table - or the best we can do for now.  Matt did an awesome job at going out today to buy everything and then making everything himself, including a small turkey and roasted blue potatoes!
 With pine cone turkeys made during the day...
In about 2 minutes I'll be so thankful for a comfy bed, where I am headed to now...Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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