Friday, November 18, 2011

The funny things that kids, and cartoon pigs, say

It's been a good week, despite not keeping my promise yesterday to do a blog post.  Sorry about that - I'll try to make it up, probably on Friday night once the work week is finished!
I just thought I'd make a quick note of some things that have made me laugh over the past couple of days...out of the mouth of babes, and all that.  On Tuesday I had my wardrobe review, which I am dying to gush about here.  I'll do that shortly, but for now let me just say that after the three hours with my makeover guru, I felt like a million bucks having identified the clothes in my wardrobe that just needed to go, and armed with a not-all-that-long shopping list of things I need to buy to make my wardrobe complete and uncover the hidden fashion queen that has been lurking inside me (hiding under too-big, wrongly-shaped trousers and boxy shirts!).  It was absolutely awesome,and I felt really empowered as a woman. 

The next day I put on some jeans and a blue shirt, since it was Wednesday and the boys and I were headed out to a local playgroup and I didn't really need to get too dressed up.  As I was sitting at the bottom of the stairs talking to Blake about the fact that I was proud of him for getting dressed on his own, and wasn't he proud of me for being dressed so that we could go out, he said to me, "You're not dressed!"  I looked at him with a quizzical look: "Well, sweetie, I am dressed, right?"  He seemed to be struggling with the concept of blue jeans and a solid turquoise t-shirt, and the fact that, well, I didn't look particularly remarkable.  Or maybe it was the blue and the blue...anyway, what he said made me laugh out loud - it just tickled me so much.  He said, with a sort of sheepish tone to his voice, "You look like somebody...who's not somebody."  And just when I was feeling like I was, indeed, somebody!  Oh, it just made me laugh.  The even funnier thing was that he laughed too, but then kept repeating it for the next 10 minutes, though by that point it had lost the initial humor.  It made a change from him calling me a "bum bum" (his new favorite word), even though the overall inspirational message was near enough the same.  That boy...

The other thing that made me laugh out loud happened this morning, when I sat down to watch Peppa Pig with the boys.  When the tv is on, in particular when it's a kids' program, I tend to do something else, even if I'm in the room.  Tidy up the Legos on the floor, put the lids on the markers, gaze vapidly into space, generally anything but look at the actual tv.  This morning, though, Noah had commanded me to "Sit down," (funny little bossy pants!), so I was sitting on the sofa while Peppa, her brother George, and her mother and father were at the local school fair.  They happened to win the top raffle prize, a ride in a hot air balloon ride. 

One of my all-time life highlights remains the hot air balloon ride that Matt and I took in Chiang Mai in Thailand back in 2007.  I found it to be the most incredible experience: how it was both extremely exciting and totally serene, I'm not sure, but perhaps that duality is somehow what combines to make it amazing.  Anyway, I loved it so much and have always been trying to figure out when my next ride will be.  In the cartoon this morning, Peppa and her family board this hot air balloon being piloted by a teacher, and Daddy Pig says to the teacher as they're just about to lift off, "So, Madame Gazelle, have you taken many of these trips?"  Her reply was essentially, "No, this is the first time I've ever been in a hot air balloon."  It was absolutely hilarious.  Peppa's brother, George, then proceeded to drop his teddy bear out of the side of the basket, and fortunately it landed in a tree and Daddy Pig was able to fish it out.  All of a sudden they realized they were near their posh grandparents' house, and out came Granddad carrying a ladder.  He sounded like an English army colonel going to rescue the troops, as he put his ladder beside the balloon's basket and they all climbed out.  It was truly very amusing. 

Perhaps a reason to watch the cartoons after all.  Whatever the source, however - your kids disparaging you or cartoon pigs - a good laugh is definitely a great way to start the day!

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