Monday, November 14, 2011

40 days (or, more likely, 40 late nights) of posts

I've known it for a while now, but I'm off track in terms of blog posts this year based on previous years' numbers of postings. Tonight I've decided to set myself a goal: to do a post a day for the next 40 days which will take us to Christmas Eve. Can I do it? Hopefully. Should I do it? Not sure, yet, but what's life without goals?! The past few weeks have seemed super busy (and not in a good, all fun, way, ugh...tiring times!), but I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning, when I'm taking the morning off work and having a "wardrobe review". That's right, an expert type person is going to come throw open my closet and drawers and see if there is anything in the paltry selection of clothes that I own that is worth keeping. I hope that she is also going to help me with building a "capsule wardrobe", a term I've only vaguely heard of but sounds a bit like what I would need if I were headed on a space mission. I have really been struggling to find anything to wear, having spent the past several Octobers, Novembers and Decembers in either maternity wear or slummy mummy jeans and goodness-knows-what-else-but-what-does-it-matter-because-I'm-exhausted-and-look-terrible-anyway! I've decided that that time of my life is now through, and I'm going to do something about this feeling of hating shopping and not being able to do anything about trying to look and feel better with what I am wearing. I am looking forward to reporting how it goes, and while I don't think that you'll be seeing me on the cover of Vogue anytime soon, a girl's gotta feel good in her rags to feel glad, so I am happy to be making a step in the right direction by seeking professional help. Body type, flattering and unflattering styles, good and bad colors - I'm ready to be capsuled! And let the 40 days of posts begin...

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