Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend blurs

You, as a reader of this blog, are probably now starting to recognize my Sunday night posts for what they are: the power of my guilty conscience getting the better of my desire to crash and go to bed, as I've done for the past 7/14/21 nights in a row without writing a post.

If I could create an invention, in addition to my two ideas for patents that I have brewing in my head and have only not researched further because of the intimidating process of trying to even work out whether someone already has the idea, it would be to somehow record my thoughts throughout the day (especially those segments when I think to myself, "I must write about this!") and then have them instantly transcribed into a post that would be immediately available for your reading pleasure.

Instead, until that time, which I actually don't think it is an impossibility, you will perhaps have to make do with the occasional picture that at least lets you know that I'm still here, and haven't given up on the blog, my readers, and myself as a writer!

This picture was taken a few weekends ago at the 100th birthday party at a local park.  It was a cold day and I hadn't yet bought Noah his new pair of shoes (hence the sandals and sweater look).  We stood in a line for ages to get the most delicious popcorn I've ever eaten, and several minutes after this shot was taken, Noah had a bit of coughing fit, which prompted him to bring up all the popcorn he'd just eaten.  That wouldn't have been so bad, apart from I decided I should try to catch it to avoid it landing all over where people were sitting (and my changing bag with wipes was in the playground section, not at all close to where we were that very moment).  It was not a very glorious moment in my life, and fortunately we were with a friend who managed to lend me some wipes and seemingly look the other way without passing judgment that I'd just willingly put my hands into a spewing volcano of regurgitated popcorn.  I would say she's a real friend, but now that I think about it, I'm not sure I've heard from her since...

This weekend was a double-bill of 4-year-old birthday parties, and I only went to one of the them and still feel exhausted from it.  Poor Blake wasn't sure what hit him, I think, so overtired was he from all the activity.  While Blake was at the party today with Matt, Noah and I went for a little walk around the block with his buggy.  Reminded me so much of a similar experience with Blake back in November 2009.  I just looked at the old videos and Noah was even wearing the same jeans as Blake was back on this day nearly two years ago!

With that, I'd better head for bed.  Tomorrow morning will come all too quickly, and at least two people in the house have had a massive headstart in terms of their sleep quota for the night! 

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