Monday, October 31, 2011

Pippi or a chicken, that is the question

It is a commonly-known rule that children are born without any knowledge of the "extra hour of sleep" that results from a move away from Daylight Savings' Time (whether to GMT or EST dependent on your location; Raina, I have no idea what time zone you guys are in!).  This morning, we moved back on to GMT, but all this meant was that the boys were awake at 5:30 am instead of 6:30!  It has been a tiring few days being somewhat housebound with our little chicken pox boy, Noah, although I did venture out to the store on Thursday and belatedly wonder, as I was standing in the checkout line surrounded by tons of children out shopping with their parents because of its being half-term school break, whether I should have perhaps just stayed indoors and kept him from spreading the pox!  Too late, I thought - I had already given him some fruit bread to munch on as we wandered the aisles, so I needed to pay for it...

We got through the week, just.  And is it me, or has October felt looong?!  On Friday I took the day off off, which differentiates itself from a work-from-home-and-do-work-when-I-can-often-staying-up-until-2:00am-to-get-work-done-day.  Not that it was much of a vacation, although I think I did manage to catch a very welcome nap, if I remember correctly.  Which I may not...the days all seem a blur, really.

Thursday's outing with Noah was actually to buy Blake his Halloween costume.  I was so relieved when he said he wanted to be Batman, because there was no way I could try to create that myself.  Thank heavens for a store-bought costume!  We went to our junior church party this afternoon, and Blake seemed very proud of himself, though very reluctant to pose for any pictures.  The boys did a lot of "tag-team" napping this weekend, so it feels as if it was a slightly easier weekend because for large parts of both days, only one of them was awake.  Noah took some huge naps and Blake fell asleep for midday siestas both days as well, so Matt and I managed to get a few things done around the house.  Not that you'd know that if you walked in the front door right now and tried to figure out where to set down your things.  What all our stuff is, I have no idea.  How to get rid of it - that's the idea that I want to discover!

So yes, Blake is going to be Batman when we go trick-or-treating tomorrow.  I have aspirations that Noah may be a pumpkin, but every time I've tried to put his costume on him, he just rips it off, so I'm not hopeful.  I had debated either dressing him as a chicken or Pippi Longstocking - with some freckles to augment his spots - but to be honest, he doesn't really seem to have many more prominent spots on his face.  There are a few on his back which are still kind of obvious, but otherwise it seems we may have got off lightly.   We have a backup-care nanny coming in tomorrow so that I can head to the office and try to get a normal day under my belt, but I'm thinking we might be back to normal by Tuesday. 

I haven't gone back and re-read my post prior to this, but I feel like I may be repeating myself.  Which is probably a sign that I'm tired and should go to bed.  Oh yes, but before I do that, I have to carve a pumpkin.  With a bat motif.  The pumpkin carving was supposed to be a family activity, but Blake fell asleep on the couch as I was getting things ready and I didn't disturb him.  As best I can, I stick to my belief that it's best to let sleeping children lie.  Even if they haven't yet learned to reciprocate that rule with their parents...

Here are some pictures of Noah and his chicken pox - not too dramatic, on the whole. (nothing like Blake's case, which you can see here...the big spot he had under his eye actually did leave a scar - poor boy!)

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