Thursday, October 06, 2011

Foxy feet

Last Wednesday I made the mistake of leaving Noah's shoes outside overnight, only to discover the next morning that they had served as part of our local urban fox's early morning breakfast (or late-night snack).  Strangely, the evening before, I had searched the garden for the shoes, but I didn't see them, which turned out to be a costly blindspot. 

When I say "Noah's shoes", I actually mean Blake's third pair of shoes which were serving as hand-me-down's to Noah.  In the latter half of last week, we then got this unexpected Indian summer weather, and I got to put Noah in his sandals for the past few days since it was nice and warm out.  As the air got cooler this week, I added some socks underneath the sandals to give N a nice "European tourist" look, but I knew that today I would need to go out and buy him some new shoes.  It turned out to be a sweet shopping trip, as I realized that my darling baby had actually never had his "first new shoes" experience.  Bishy waas down visiting, so, after picking up our bowl from the All Fired Up cafe, we selected a shop on Lordship Lane which had the required children's section.  Blake woke up this morning at 5:37 and wouldn't go back to sleep, so he was conked out in the car having been up for nigh on 7 hours.  I took Noah in for the shoes, and though he was feeling not quite 100% (I think - he's had a little sty come up on his eye, which is apparently just a pimple on the eyelid, but it certainly sounds unpleasant and he has also been generally a bit more whingy than normal), he did in fact manage a smile for the lady who helped us.

It is, according to her, quite common for the foxes around here to steal and damage shoes, so she advised me not to leave them outside again.  As I reluctantly typed my PIN into the card machine and thereby forked over a large portion of my monthly take-home pay, I guaranteed her I wouldn't be making that mistake anytime soon.  But as she handed me the special picture they take when a child gets his first pair of shoes, I decided that it wasn't all bad: every child deserves a special moment with his or her first pair of shoes, and this, for Noah, was that moment.  Which, I suppose, was worth feeling outfoxed by the fox, this one time at least. 

In his Clark's "first pair of shoes" (size 5 1/2 G)

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