Thursday, October 27, 2011

Arise, Sir Noah Poxalot!

My skin has not been too good of late.  Stress?  Hormones?  Insufficient concealing foundation?  I'm not sure, but I think I look as I remember myself as a 15-year-old, before my magical course of Accutane.  At this time of year, it's also easy to blame the "change in seasons" for bad skin.  Yes,the seasons have changed in London, and yes, my skin is bad.  Easy.
As for Mr. Noah Noah, he has undergone a change to his smooth baby skin, so recently exhibited in the pictures in my last post.  Cue 2001 Space Odyssey music....DUM DUM, DUM DUM...CHICKEN POX!  On Monday night as I gave him his bath, I noticed a small pimple-like spot on his back.  Just the one.  A sign had gone up recently in his nursery warning of recent cases, and a little boy we know had just come back after what looked to be a pretty thorough beating from the spot-throwing virus.  I didn't panic, but I pretty much went to bed that night thinking that Noah was probably in for a visit from the Chicken Pox Fairy.
For some reason (perhaps it was the work of the Gods-of-the-Working-Mother-Who-Usually-Has-To-Deal-With-Illnesses-While-Working-Father-Has-Already-Gone-To-Work), Matt had booked Tuesday to work from home.  I took the opportunity to try to get to the office early for a change, and when the time came for me to head for my train in the pre-light hours, Noah still hadn't woken up yet.  "What happens if he wakes up and has spots?" Matt asked.  "I don't know, I guess you'll just have to deal with it" was the gist of my reply; "Byyyye!" was my singsong parting line. (Seconds before I opened the door to leave, we heard Noah waking up, and I just thought to myself, "For once, I'm not going to assume full responsibility here" - it felt MORE THAN LIBERATING!)
As it turns out, Noah did wake up with more spots on his chest and back.  Matt booked the day off - he is a good and responsible Dad, as I already knew.  I worked til 9:30 that night in our office and came home feeling like a creature from the black lagoon - oozing exhaustion and feeling like I could just go to sleep in a swamp for 4 days.  Still, I put in my hours in advance to make up for time I would inevitably have to miss in the week.

On Wednesday, Bishy came to visit, and we made a not-very-clandestine visit to our local library as our major outing of the day.  We were the only ones there for a while, and then a family with 2 olders girls (aged 6/7?) came in.  I had a few moments of panic where I was trying to assess whether I would get called out for having a contagious chicken-poxy boy out in the public air, but then I figured these girls were old enough to have had it already, and calmed down.  We took the long way home via many large puddles and a stop in the local newsagent's to get Cadbury Buttons.

On Thursday, Matt went to work, Blake went to pre-school, and the big piggy named Mommy and the little spotty piggy named Noah stayed home.  We went to get Blake his Halloween costume - Batman - over at ELC in Peckham.  Thank God for not having to do some sort of crazy SuperMom- type sewing efforts to create a beautiful handmade costume!  Although I did get a bit of inspiration for Noah and want to dress him like a chicken for Halloween (get it, chicken pox?!) - white feather boas seem to be my needed ingredient! 

I went back and looked at posts from 2009 and Blake's bout with chicken pox.  I was not too reassured to re-read that things went sour from Day 4 (Noah's Day 4 being tomorrow).  So far, they haven't bothered him much during the day, and he's instead been unable to sleep at around 11:00 pm onwards, for a few hours.  One thing is for sure, 4 in our double bed is a crowded house!  Blake seems to march in at some point between (also) 11:00pm and 4:00am, so I spend at least some portion of my precious sleep with a dead limb under me and wishing for more room.

Pictures of the spotty boy to come tomorrow, for the record books.  I'm off to have a bath...I've heard it might open my pores.  x

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