Monday, September 19, 2011

Snap! Happy Birthday to you!

Our anniversary and the following day will always be special, because as we celebrated our first anniversary in the Dordogne several days before Jamie and Diane's wedding in 2007, we got news of the arrival of our niece!  Hard to believe that Emma is four years old now.  On Saturday we went to her party and Blake and Noah enjoyed playing with their cousins.  The fab foursome were very amusing at times, especially when Emma opened a present of a crocodile outfit and all of them tried it on, pretending they were a crocodile.  My camera was out of battery so unfortunately we just have pictures from Matt's phone.
Gathered around to enjoy birthday cake...(Noah ate his entire piece plus the remains of someone else's)

 Noah the croc, after Blake had his turn...
It was also Janes Forbes's birthday on Saturday, and Amy's birthday on Sunday - so happy birthday to both of you, two of my oldest and greatest friends!  Hope you had wonderful birthdays... 

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