Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Jai Ho! Indian summer!

The beginning of September didn't give anyone in the UK much hope that we would get a reprieve on autumn's arrival - it rained and was grey and cold for many of the first couple of days, but the past week has been full of some glorious sunshine and warmer temperatures.  On Friday I picked the boys up early and we went off on an arts and crafts adventure: to collect all sorts of items for the autumnal collage that I had thought of that morning as I made my way to the train station.  I had to pass beneath a crabapple tree and there were tons of them on the sidewalk, and I thought that we could use them to make some sort of beautiful fall art.
We picked about a dozen of the apples before heading down to Belair Park and getting conkers, acorns, leaves, and twigs, and on Saturday morning Blake and I assembled them - with the help of about half a bottle of glue - onto the remains of our pizza box from Friday night.  ("Mommy, can we get a pizza order?" was Blake's Friday evening dinner request...I was much too tired to protest!)
I was pretty pleased with our little collage though wish I had picked up more twigs for the trunk of the tree.

Let the Indian Summer continue...!  Predicted high for tomorrow and all the way into Saturday is 81 degrees! 

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