Monday, September 19, 2011

Car-free fun!

There have been a number of events recently that have been great community-builders in our local area, and the most recent occurred on Sunday as our local main road was partially closed off to celebrate a "car-free day".  Noah had an afternoon nap so Matt stayed home with him while Blake and I headed out to enjoy the festivities. While we were being serenaded by the local PopChoir (so tempting for me, but no...), we bumped into Charlie and Flora, so the kids then set out to bust a move on the makeshift dancefloor in front of the chorus....Blake's concentration tongue was out in full force as they were bouncing and bopping around!  The PopChoir sang some great songs: "Man in the Mirror" (shout out to the Dartmouth girls!), Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" and some fun mash-up's that got my feet tapping.  Very fun.

Later Blake held a little owl as part of a birds of prey exhibition; Gypsy was her name and I fell in love with her!  Blake was very stoic and stayed very still per the instructions from the owl trainer.  Her eyes were so pretty, and her feathers so soft!  Well worth the £2 donation to have a hold.

Later that evening, Noah had grabbed his coat and was standing by the door saying "Go go," which is what he does when he wants to go outside.  Like a little dog asking to be taken for a walk!  Anyway, Blake had had an afternoon nap on the sofa so we felt he should burn off some steam too, so the boys played around on the sidewalk out front.  I was chatting with a neighbor when along came Noah on the scooter, being pulled by Blake - it was too cute.  It didn't last, of course, and it all ended in tears when Noah kept falling off (or was he pushed?), so that was the sign that it was bath-and-bedtime.

As for our little wordsmith, here are his favorites these days: "Uh oh" (still tops), but now closely followed by "Oh no" (with innocent/incredulous look on face).  He also loves to say "juice," "shoes," "cheese," "nana" (banana), "apple," "bopple" (bottle), "Yay!", "qack qack", "Dada" and now (unfortunately with real yearning) "Mamie", as in "Mammy, Mammy ("come get me, come get me, pick me up, pick me up!").  When Mom and Dad were over he blurted out - very unexpectedly - "castle" after he and Blake had received a toy castle from Granny Karla's adventures in Scotland.  It was so sweet...about half an hour after this plastic toy had appeared on our living room floor, Noah was standing by the couch and said in a very small voice, apropos of nothing, "cas-el".  But we knew what he meant!  It's such a remarkable thing, the whole language development thing.  I think the only thing that could have made the weekend better would have been to hear Noah say "Gypsy".  It would have been too cute. 

Can't remember which tune this was to, but it was a good one! 
Not all that natural at the beginning...
Very proud to be holding the owl...

 Not sure who I think is sweeter here, Blake or Gypsy!

 Noah just loved this, in case you can't tell from that extremely proud look on his face. 

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