Tuesday, August 02, 2011

A true summer weekend

Saturday and Sunday could not have been a more perfect summer weekend, weather-wise, and you know what, it's about time!  June and the beginning of July were pretty awful so we deserve some sunshine!  We had quickly arranged a visit to see Bishy's friend Elizabeth on Saturday at her house in Oxfordshire, and the boys had a nice time in her garden, and at the village playground and village shop where they got treated to an ice cream.  It was so serene in her little village, and as we walked past the village church with fields off to our right and the afternoon sun bearing down, I could have been fooled into thinking it was the south of France.  All it needed was an old man wearing a beret to totter past and it would have been perfect!  Noah was so mucky from playing in Elizabeth's garden, and I loved dunking both the boys in the bath at the end of the day and then having them come out, if not smelling sweet, well then at least free of dirty knees and feet, and with slightly cleaner fingernails.

On Sunday we headed over to the Big Dip at Clapham Common, on a tip-off from my neighbor who has a very good blog about events for kids in London, mamaloveslondon.blogspot.com.  For £6, we had 4 hours at a very well-designed urban beach type thing, with two pools and a sand area for volleyball, digging, etc.  Blake really loved the time in the pool, whereas Noah really didn't want anything to do with it and I therefore spent most of my pool time hanging out with him as he ran up and down the ramp leading to the disabled toilet.  He's such a little rascal.

Blake was once again in luck with the face painting, and Sunday's creation is going to be hard to top!  Matt and I ended up telling him he was a "fire sprite" - perhaps fearing that "devil" sounded too scary (even though it was called devil in the book).  The girl doing the face painting was so nice and really went the extra mile with the glitter; I will have a hard time cleaning up the car seat from where he fell asleep on the way home and smeared face paint all over the headrest. 

Anyway, this Big Dip thing was so cool and really such a good deal - on a day like that, with the sun shining brightly on the four of us in our swimsuits, I could close my eyes and feel like we had been transported to the Med or to the NC coast.  Alas, it was just south London, but on a good summer's day, there wasn't any place I'd rather have been.

This shot cracks me up: the tongue out, eyes closed...he did in fact hit the ball though!

In the pool as part of a "lesson"...ha ha, the tongue is still out - clearly concentrating!

Oh sweet blissful summer face...
Noah enjoys himself too, once we were away from the water and back on dry land...

Our "fire sprite"...the best face painting of the summer so far...

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