Monday, August 15, 2011

These busy days

The air feels a lot cooler, and fortunately the emotions of last week in London have cooled as well.  We've been busy just keeping up with the normal activities of life: work, nursery, the occasional bit of sleep that never feels enough! In fact, we've had a few "late" mornings recently - Noah not waking til about 6:20 and Blake sleeping til around 7:00...oh, how fast those teenage years are going to come around, where they'll want to sleep all day! 

Yesterday we went down to Ben's christening - hard to believe how big William (our Godson) is now!  Ben is such a cutie and it's funny for me to see how two brothers can start off seeming so similar but then gradually begin to become their own personalities and become distinct little boys (funny in that I see it clearly when looking at those two, and probably felt and saw it with Blake and Noah as well, even when many people still say they think Noah is a mini-Blake, which I don't quite see).

Jamie and Diane are the quintessential hosts and put on a lovely day for us all, as they always do!  It was strange to think back on the last time we'd seen Diane's parents (William's christening, back in the fall of 2009, when I was just announcing that the-child-eventually-to-be-known-as-Noah was on the way), and before that, their wedding in France in 2007.  Time, it do fly quick...

I took lots of cute pics and should post more of them, but for now I'll just put one of B on, although I opened my lens too much so it's blurry when it shouldn't be.  Cameras: I love them and I hate them!

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